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The teachers at Granger High School are the happiest teachers on Earth. (Take special note of Megan’s and Candice’s moves!) Can you spot us?

My teacher friend challenged me to help him get more views than his video. If I can get even 1/4 of my tumbler followers to watch or share this, I’ll have it in the bag.

Bonus: in watching, you’ll see both Megan and my fancy dance moves.
Megan is adorably worth the few minutes.


A beautiful video and a beautiful family! That last quote really resonates with me. Bravery comes in all forms but the kind that most helped me is seeing people just being. Seeing people live happy lives despite being queer helped me realize I can be happy too. But not despite being queer, but despite what society thinks it should mean. Go team!

This is the video they made of my wife and I for D’Arcy’s video project.
I’ll cherish it forever.

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