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To the author of our friendliest email yet!!

This is Megan.

Dear anonymous emailer,

I thank you for your uplifting message you sent to us anonymously (which I’m assuming you wrote ‘anonymously’ because you didn’t want to be labeled a “hater”-phew, you’re secret is safe with us :) ). 

There were several parts of your email that you were dead on.

First, I served a mission and so did my wife.

Second, we are sick. If you mean the kind of sick like after you do something really awesome-for example: “Dude, that backflip was sick”- then yes, we are totally sick!

Third, you must have read my journal or something because your accurate description of my life is UNCANNY!! (you must have attended the sunday school class on how we should judge our neighbors…) Yes, I went on a mission because it seemed easy and the most fun thing to do when you’re a 21-year-old Mormon. Yes, being gay on a mission was another breezy thing to do. Yes, I ‘came out’ and got married to a girl because I wanted to be a minority and have the experience of being treated like a second class citizens and lose my rights. 

So anonymous emailer, let me thank you for this opportunity to set the record straight (not in the sexuality kind of way). I served a mission because of the same reason I braved coming out: my heart had no other option. Isn’t that what you call the Spirit? Does calling my loving relationship sick, which by the way does nothing to affect you, bring the Spirit into your heart? 

Also, if my wife wants to still be known as a Mormon, I think her loving kindness and Christ-like compassion will kick the ass of your ‘righteous denouncement of my gayness.’ I don’t go by that title anymore because of people like you.



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